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Pioneering Technology for Superior Wash Quality.

Belanger offers innovative vehicle wash system products that maximize revenue potential and exceptional cleaning performance. From complete systems to components and extra services, Belanger products help minimize maintenance downtime, while maximizing wash performance.

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Reliability You Trust, Quality Your Customers Enjoy.

From tunnel car washes to touchless or soft-touch in-bay automatic, drive-thru or large vehicle washes, Belanger offers complete wash systems that maximizes revenue potential and exceptional cleaning performance.

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Upgrade Your Wash Bay, Maximize Your Potential.

From conveyors to prep washers, foamers to arches, dryers and extra services, Belanger components help minimize maintenance downtime, while maximizing wash performance.

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Often overlooked by operators, the right Correlator can be a powerful tool for making the right 'first impression' on customers. Belanger's Correlator is designed to welcome customers with the smoothest possible alignment experience - 'starting the wash right' with easy entry onto the conveyor.

To free the operator to focus on washing, Belanger has built the Correlator with maintenance-free materials and construction. Stainless steel axles are corrosion free, and durable UHMW rollers provide the maximum service life with zero maintenance requirements.

What's more, the rollers are aligned parallel to the vehicle travel, providing alignment corrections so smooth, they are nearly imperceptible to the customer. Custom extension rails accommodate specific site requirements, while stainless rollers on the 'Y' section are available based on operator preference.

The end result? Belanger's Correlator provides the entry transition experience customers want, with the ownership experience operators deserve. It not only eliminates the 'skidding' alignment feeling of competitors' slide plate designs, it avoids the high maintenance requirements of slide plates, as well.

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Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
 Stainless steel axles  Zero corrosion
 Ultra high molecular weight rollers  Maintenance free
Vertical roller design Smooth vehicle alignment
 Custom extension rails  Accommodates site requirements
 Y-Section is available with stainless steel or plastic rollers  Flexibility to custom configure

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