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Belanger Products

Pioneering Technology for Superior Wash Quality.

Belanger offers innovative vehicle wash system products that maximize revenue potential and exceptional cleaning performance. From complete systems to components and extra services, Belanger products help minimize maintenance downtime, while maximizing wash performance.

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Reliability You Trust, Quality Your Customers Enjoy.

From tunnel car washes to touchless or soft-touch in-bay automatic, drive-thru or large vehicle washes, Belanger offers complete wash systems that maximizes revenue potential and exceptional cleaning performance.

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Upgrade Your Wash Bay, Maximize Your Potential.

From conveyors to prep washers, foamers to arches, dryers and extra services, Belanger components help minimize maintenance downtime, while maximizing wash performance.

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Bus Wash

The Belanger Transit Wash system is designed to allow any fleet, no matter of size or needs, to operate efficiently and enjoy a truly sustainable ROI - saving power, water and money with each wash. This dedication to a great transit wash is evident in every Belanger wash component - from framework to features. Because every transit system has its own mix of vehicles, budget considerations and operational preferences, the Belanger Transit Wash is highly configurable, offering a broad array of wash equipment choices that will meet your specific needs. 

Hybrid Wash' Delivers Maximum Cleaning and Minimum Water Use

  • Soft-touch cleaning components minimize water and detergent needs
  • Hi-Pressure touchless components blast hard-to-reach areas clean with 100% recycled water – reducing metal corrosion and paint deterioration

Efficient Wash Motors and Controller Give Us Power Management Tools to Conserve Resources

  • This system's soft-touch equipment uses 60% less power than soft-touch equipment from other manufacturers
  • Smart controller shuts off water and power between washes in 1 second

When It Comes to Fresh Water Use, It's Like Washing a Bus in a Bathtub!

  • Uses just 50 gal. of fresh water per wash – same as a 6-ft. bathtub!
  • Fresh water used only for detergent application and rinsing


Bus Wash 1
Bus Wash 2
Bus Wash 3

Features & Benefits


Hybrid Wash Format

Uses a smart mix of soft-touch and touchless wash components to maximize cleaning results with minimum fresh water use

Soft-Touch Cleaning Components

Minimize water and detergent use, by cleaning with the touch of soft-cloth wash media

High-Pressure Touchless Cleaning

Uses 100% recycled water to blast hard-to-reach areas clean - reducing metal corrosion and paint deterioration with zero impact on fresh water consumption

High-Efficiency Wash Motors

Use 60% less power than motors used in competitive soft-touch equipment, saving money and energy

Smart Controller

Shuts off water and power within 1 second between wash cycles, nearly eliminating waste

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