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Pioneering Technology for Superior Wash Quality.

Belanger offers innovative vehicle wash system products that maximize revenue potential and exceptional cleaning performance. From complete systems to components and extra services, Belanger products help minimize maintenance downtime, while maximizing wash performance.

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Reliability You Trust, Quality Your Customers Enjoy.

From tunnel car washes to touchless or soft-touch in-bay automatic, drive-thru or large vehicle washes, Belanger offers complete wash systems that maximizes revenue potential and exceptional cleaning performance.

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Upgrade Your Wash Bay, Maximize Your Potential.

From conveyors to prep washers, foamers to arches, dryers and extra services, Belanger components help minimize maintenance downtime, while maximizing wash performance.

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Reshaping the In-Bay Experience

The Cube is Belanger's three-brush, in-bay automatic rollover system engineered for maximum performance and customer experience. Much like SpinLite, the Cube was designed with the idea that running a successful car wash begins with the person behind the wheel. 

Thanks to the innovative design of its slow-spinning ShineMitt media, the Cube provides a gentler, quieter wash for customers and cuts both the perceived risk and the actual risk for damage. Along with a host of "smarter" features, the Cube offers a winning combination that's reshaping the car wash experience. 

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Features & Benefits

A Smarter Machine for Smarter Washing

The Cube is a smart machine—it’s precise, intuitive, and flexible for optimal cleaning action. An array of “smart” features helps make the Cube a better choice for operators and a better experience for customers.

Smart Wheels:

  • Smart Wheel technology brings the cleaning action to the vehicle surface, while maintaining a gentle touch
  • Two side wheels operate on three axes and adjust based on pressure readings that “tell” the processor the shape of the vehicle contours
  • Smart Wheels tilt inward at the top to cover the upper portions of vehicles, and inward at the bottom to clean the lower sides
  • Angled passes at the backside cover difficult SUV contours

Smart Touch:

  • Smart Touch technology works in tandem with Smart Wheels to provide optimal cleaning to vehicles of all shapes and sizes
  • Torque-sensing, radial-driven arms detect friction levels and position the wash wheels in optimal geometric proximity to each vehicle
  • Car, truck, and SUV drivers can depend on the Cube’s Smart Touch for better cleaning results—and you can depend on those customers coming back to your wash for more

Smart Spray:

  • Smart Spray manifolds “know” the position of each wheel and apply spray at the right time
  • Spray arms utilize geometric proximity to maximize cleaning
  • Hits all the tough angles of wheels and vehicle contours with chemical and high-pressure passes for thorough and effective cleaning results

Additional Advantages:

  • Remote access capabilities: Anything that can be done from an operator console can be done from a PC or mobile device
  • Patented LED-enhanced wheels and spray arms cycle through six colors to provide Active Site Marketing™, attracting the eyes of passing motorists 24/7
  • Red, green, and blue LED lights provide navigational assistance to load customers in and out of the bay quickly, increasing your throughput
  • Innovative scissor-arm top wheel drops with precision and covers more area along the front, top, and rear of the vehicle

Additional Info

The ShineMitt Advantage

The Cube’s ShineMitt media is the same innovative design featured on our SpinLite systems. It’s not the material that makes ShineMitt different—it’s the design.

  • The industry’s first and only self-supporting brush media—high-RPM wheels are no longer necessary
  • Slower-spinning wash wheels for quieter, gentler trips to the car wash
  • ShineMitt’s patented “fingers” reach vehicle contours that other brushes may not: Each ShineMitt™ arm boasts 1,512 cleaning edges that contact the vehicle
  • The spring-action responses in ShineMitt’s arms, hands, and fingers create return speed, resulting in more touches than conventional media
  • Easy- to-change “hands” make it easy to keep your brushes ever-fresh and clean
  • ShineMitt’s™ record of damage-free washing is impeccable and unmatched in the industry

Choose the Cube that is right for you

The Cube lets operators choose the best ways to market their sites, deliver a premium experience to their customers, and produce clean cars. It’s your business, and you deserve the power to choose the best car wash experience for you and your customers.


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