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Belanger Cube® Soft-Touch In-Bay Automatic Wash System Draws Significant Interest at 2019 PEI-NACS Show

By OPW | Oct 18, 2019

Belanger is pleased to announce that its new Cube® Soft-Touch In-Bay Automatic Wash System received an overwhelming response by attendees at the 2019 PEI-NACS Show, which took place on Oct. 2-4 in Atlanta, GA. The Cube is the industry’s first friction IBA wash system that provides a quieter experience for the customer while also improving the quality of the wash. 

"We couldn’t be happier with the overwhelming response the Cube received at this year’s PEI-NACS Show,” said Allen Luce, Sales Manager. “Operators in attendance were impressed by the Cube’s innovative ‘smart’ features that allow them to choose the best ways to market their sites while delivering better throughput and cleaner cars. Additionally, the Cube was designed with the idea that a successful wash operation begins with meeting the needs of the person behind the wheel, and this new wash system does just that.”

Prior to developing the Cube, Belanger conducted an extensive voice of the customer (VOC) survey to learn what customers expected from a wash experience. From this VOC, Belanger engineered a unique wash system that addresses each of the top requests, such as lower noise, no vehicle damage, and higher quality of wash. To address these top expectations, the Cube utilizes slow-spinning friction wheels to lower the overall noise inside the vehicle during the wash. In order to keep the noise low and the wash quality high, the Cube incorporated Belanger’s ShineMitt foam media. The design of the media acts as a wash mitt that thoroughly cleans the vehicle in a gentle and quiet manner. In addition, the Cube utilizes a host of “smart” technology allowing it to be precise, intuitive and flexible to provide the best possible cleaning result for each customer. The Cube’s smart features include:

  • Smart Wheel technology that tilts and adjusts to the shape of the specific vehicle

  • Smart Touch technology utilizes torque-sensing, radial-driven arms that detects friction levels and position the wash wheels in optimal geometric proximity to each vehicle 

  • Smart Spray manifolds that “know” the position of each wheel and apply spray at the right time

In addition, the Cube offers remote access capabilities, patented LED-enhanced wheels and spray arms that cycle through six colors to provide Active Site Marketing™, and an innovative scissor-arm top wheel that precisely lowers to the vehicle and covers more area along the front, top and rear of the vehicle. The Cube’s LED lights also provide navigational assistance to load customers in and out of the bay quickly, increasing throughput.