Pacific Pride Site Controller

Coming Soon!: Check Back Here for Information about OPW's Software Update for the Sunset of Pacific Pride’s Switcher/Controller.


Seamless Transaction Processing for Pacific Pride Marketers

OPW is pleased to announce that the new site controller solution for the Pacific Pride network, designed to replace the SmartLock™ authorization system, is now shipping.

In order to begin using the new site controller, a specialized version of the FSC3000™, a strict set-up process must be followed. These steps must be coordinated with both OPW and Pacific Pride before and during your conversion.

Below you can view a comprehensive checklist of upgrade instructions that should be addressed before scheduling your upgrade with your local service provider. The quick links section includes a collection of previously released announcements regarding the SmartLock system replacement, informative reference materials and relevant technical manuals.

To order the new site controller, contact your local OPW sales representative today!

Setup Checklist

Quick Links


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