IP Authorization Gateway

The OPW Petro Vend IP Authorization Gateway, when used with its FSC3000™ fuel site controller, gives the FSC3000™ the capability to use a high-speed Internet connection instead of a dial-up phone line to authorize fleet and credit card transactions, creating a better on-site experience for customers with faster transaction approval times.

The IP Authorization Gateway gives fleet owners and retailers the capability to deploy the FSC3000™ over a high-speed IP connection. Compared to phone lines that transmit at only 24 Kbps, IP networks transmit at 100 Mbps, delivering faster, more reliable transactions. The IP Authorization Gateway creates a secure outbound IP connection for card authorizations while allowing for inbound communications to the fuel control system. Unlike other converter devices, the IP Authorization Gateway is certified to communicate with payment processors such as Buypass, NBS and Paymentech and/or fleet card networks to accept a wide range of cards including Bank Cards, CFN, TCH, Fuelman®/GASCARD, Comdata, Fleet One®, WEX®, T-Chek™, EFS and Pacific Pride.




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