OPW Engineered Systems to Highlight Complete Fluid Solution at ILTA

By OPW Engineered Systems | Apr 14, 2014
Lebanon, OH – OPW Engineered Systems, a leading manufacturer of loading arm and coupling systems for the safe and efficient loading and unloading of hazardous materials, is pleased to announce its involvement in the 34th Annual International Operating Conference & Trade Show (ILTA). The conference and exhibition will be held June 2-4, 2014 in Houston, TX, USA. The ILTA show brings together professionals from the global bulk-liquid terminal industry.

OPW will be debuting its new Inflatable Hatch Seal at this year’s ILTA show. The new OPW Inflatable Hatch Seal solves a major challenge for terminal operators by effectively sealing an open hatch while top loading a railcar or tank truck. The durable design of the OPW Inflatable Hatch Seal is the most effective vapor recovery device available on the market.
OPW will also display its complete line of quick and dry disconnect couplings attheshow, including it’s Autolok™,Kamvalok®, Drylok™,Epsilon™, and Hiltap 3TL and Twister LQC (Locking Quick Connect) products that are suitable for a variety of hazardous liquid applications. OPW couplings are designed to reduce emissions, increase personnel safety, assure automatic closure, prevent accidental disconnect, and eliminate human error.

In addition, OPW will feature its complete line of Top and Bottom Loading Arm Systems, which have been highly engineered and rigorously tested to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality throughout production and operation. Each system is built to meet specific application requirements, such as flexibility, physical limitations, personnel preferences, operating experience, compliance regulations, vehicle sizes, types and attachments. 

Every OPW product is manufactured to satisfy its “Safer. Cleaner. Faster.” philosophy – safer working conditions, cleaner environmentally friendly operations and faster operations and maintenance. Additionally, each system is built to meet specific application requirements, such as flexibility, physical limitations, personnel preference, operating experience, compliance regulations, and vehicle sizes, types and attachments.

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About OPW Engineered Systems: 
OPW Engineered Systems is a leading manufacturer of systems for the safe and efficient loading and unloading of hazardous materials. OPW is the global leader in fully integrated fluid handling, management, monitoring and control solutions for the safe and efficient handling of critical petroleum-derived fluids from the refinery to the commercial and retail points of consumption, including loading systems, rail and transport tank truck equipment, tank gauging equipment and automated fuel management systems, valves and fittings, underground and above ground storage tank equipment, spill containers, overfill prevention devices, secondary containment sumps and flexible piping, fuel dispensing products, including swivels, breakaways, industrial and automatic dispensing nozzles for vapor recovery, gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuels, and clean energy fueling nozzles and accessories for LPG, Hydrogen and CNG. OPW also manufactures automated vehicle wash systems. OPW has 1650+ employees with manufacturing operations in North America, Europe, Brazil, China and India and sales offices around the world. OPW is an operating company within the Fluids segment of Dover Corporation (NYSE: DOV). For more information, please visit www.opw-es.com