ATEX 95 and ATEX 137 Directives

ATEX is a European directive on safety requirements for hazardous areas, for example the classified areas on a filling station. 

The directive consists of two parts: ATEX 95, the product directive and ATEX 137, the directive of workplace safety. Compliance with the ATEX directive has been a legal requirement in all European Union States since July 2003. While not a requirement outside of the EU, the ATEX directive is a practical, detailed guide for working safely in high-risk areas.

The product directive ATEX 95 or 94/9/EC  is addressed to those who design, manufacture or sell any equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. 

The workplace safety directive ATEX 137 or 1999/92/EC is addressed to employers. The employer is required to take all reasonable measures to prevent the formation of an explosive atmosphere in the workplace. Where this is not possible, measures must be taken to avoid the ignition of any potentially explosive atmosphere. This is why you should use KPS conductive piping on your filling stations.

KPS conductive piping is the only plastic petrol pipe with certified conformity to ATEX 137. If you want to comply with the ATEX workplace directive, conductive piping is the only choice!