Petro Vend

Petro Vend Technology

Petro Vend, also known as OPW Fuel Management Systems, offers a comprehensive line of fuel monitoring systems and accessories that simplify the management of fuel inventories.

Petro Vend’s remote accessibility features streamline your day-to-day gauge interaction and training processes. Leverage lower operating costs and enhance your logistics through the ability to access your key fueling data from anywhere, on most devices.

With an integrated line of innovative tank gauges and precision measuring probes and sensors, fuel site operators can be confident about the status of their fuel inventories at all times. Petro Vend systems deliver accurate fuel monitoring for reliable access to inventory data in real-time.


Petro Vend tank gauges, probes and sensors ensure inventory information is accurate and available in real time.


Access to the most current inventory data enables a swift response to equipment malfunctions, thus reducing inventory losses, operational downtimes and costly repairs.


Backed by the industry’s leading certification organizations, Petro Vend’s line of products help ensure compliance with all local environmental standards.


You can depend on Petro Vend’s expert service technicians to help you overcome technical challenges, ensuring your system is always performing optimally.


Petro Vend’s line of tank gauges, probes and sensors are integrated for seamless operation, maintenance and upgrades.


Petro Vend’s tank monitoring systems are designed to meet the needs of any size fueling operation, regardless of storage tank type and transaction volume.