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After beginning life in 1892 as a developer of wood and metal patterns used in the manufacture of everything from grave markers to oil valves, OPW has truly established itself as the world’s premier supplier of safe, efficient and environmentally sensitive equipment for use in fluid-handling operations. OPW’s reputation as a true innovator is built on a commitment to creating products that protect people and the environment while enabling customers to optimize their business operations.

1907 Brass Foundry
1933 Nozzle
1940s High Flow for Airplanes
1949 Kamlok
1949 Nozzle close up
OPW tire inflator
Vintage Ad 1955
Vintage Ad 1960
1961 Kamvalok
Vintage Ad 1964
Vintage Ad 1973
1976 OPW Facility
1976-Factory Rebuilt Nozzle
1979 Houston Expo
Vintage Ad 1983
1984 Spill Bucket
1985 Burying Rebuilts
1985 Laserwash
1995 OPW Nozzle on magazine cover
1996 FlexWorks
2010 AST
2015 Pistol Grip
20th Anniversary Flexworks
2016-723V PRV
2016 FibreTite