People that make historyCelebrating 125 Years of Great People

The best companies are successful because of the efforts of great people. It is only through the contributions of the many thousands of employees that have made a commitment to OPW over the years that we are able to celebrate our landmark 125th anniversary. Our employees also form the foundation that will continue to make OPW successful in the years to come.

1950 OPW Facility
1950s OPW Back Office
1954 OPW Finance
1957 President Heads Research Group
1959 Nozzle Assembly
1978 Sales Meeting
1983 Sales Meeting
2014 OPW Smithfield
2016 PEI-NACS Show
Team Project Design
Bob Ames
Kate Bruce
Ed Kammerer
Fred Kelly
Dennis Pokrovsky
Gene Pope
Hugues Seumo
Watt Wang
Gilbert B. Richards 1952-1960
Thomas C Sutton
Malcolm C. Myers 1964 - 1970
Charles P Voller 1970-1979
William J Petter
Robert Conner
David G. Ropp 1998- 2003
Craig P. McNeill 2003-2008
David Crouse 2016
OPW125 celebration
BBQ feast
40 Years of Service
Legacy of Innovation
drink tumblers
125th Anniversary kickoff-400px
special treat
Gary Specht