104C Composite Cover Manholes

The OPW 104C 20" (500mm) Composite Cover Manholes allow easy access to UST monitoring equipment and provide additional space for electrical junction boxes.

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20" Cover

20" Cover

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  • Lightweight Cover - Provides safe, easy removal and replacement.
  • Durable Composite Construction - Never rusts, fades or needs to be painted.
  • Spark-Free Cover Design - Fiberglass construction eliminates the possibility of sparks caused by replacing cover on mounting ring.
  • Flush-Mount, Rolled Steel Mounting Ring - Eliminates the need for sloping concrete to reduce snow plow and traffic hazards.
  • Highway 20 Rated (H20) - All OPW spill containers and manholes exceed the requirements of the Highway 20 rating.

Typical Underground Storage Tank Manhole Layout

Ordering Specifications

Product # ID (in.) ID (mm) lbs. kg
104C-2000 20 500 22 10.0


Product Number A B C
in. cm in. cm in. cm
104C-2000 19 48.26 20-3/4 52.7 11 27.9

Replacement Parts

Part #
Cover for 104C-2000