Cast Iron Fill Box

The OPW 126A is recommended where surface water is a problem or wherever the fill pipe must be protected by a heavy-duty, raintight manhole. The cover and body are accurately machined to ensure a leakproof seal. The cover opens and closes easily by turning 1/4 turn counter-clockwise to remove; clockwise to replace. The 126A has a 6" skirt depth.

  • H20 Load Rated

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  • Body: Cast iron
  • Gasket: Chrome tanned leather

Wrenches/Replacement Parts

Part # in. mm Description
C00045M 6 152 Wrench
H00201RS All Sizes Pin
C01378I 6 152 Cap
H00235M 6 152 Cap Gasket
D00711I 9 229 Cap
H00354M 9 229 Cap Gasket
C00167I 9 229 Locking Bar

126A Wrench