Multi-Port Manhole Water Shroud System Option

The new OPW Multi-Port Manhole Water Shroud (MPWS) system is designed to completely isolate surface water and condensation from the Tank Sump. The MPWS features an injection molded fiberglass Water Shroud lid that mates to a standard tank sump top hat reducer. Shroud Boots isolate the spill container buckets using stainless steel band clamps, which provide a tight seal between the water shroud top hat and the underside of the spill container mounting rings. A 6" Sump Inspection Port is provided on each FRP Cover, allowing full inspection access through the Multi-Port Gauge Port. The OPW Water Shroud system is available in 33" and 36" models. The MPWS Water Shroud is sold separately.

Only available for use with post 11/03 design "EVR" spill containers.

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MPWS Series

MPWS Series

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Water Shroud Components

Shroud Boots - Vinyl Plastisol

Sump Inspection Port (SIP) - Clear ABS Construction Inspection Port

Rubber Shroud Cap

FRP Covers - Injection Molded Fiberglass Cover

Ordering Specifications

Bolt-Down Water Shroud Options

Part # Description
MPWS-33 33" FRP Cover with (2) 5-gallon Water Shroud Boots & Clamps
MPWS-33BD 33" Bolt Down Water Shroud
MPWS-33BDD 33" Bolt Down Water Shroud for Diesel
MPWS-36 36" FRP Cover with (2) 5-gallon Water Shroud Boots & Clamps
MPWS-39BD 39" Bolt Down Water Shroud

Bolt-Down FRP Top Hat Options

Part Number Description
203246 42" x 33" FRP Bolt-Down Top Hat
203272 42" x 39" FRP Bolt-Down Top Hat

Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts Description
C05223M Shroud Boot Cap to Isolate One FRP?Cover Port
D02571M 33" FRP Replacement Cover
D02586M 36" FRP Replacement Cover
D02575M 5-gallon Shroud Boot
H15188M Lower Clamp for 5-gallon Shroud Boot
H15190M Upper Clamp for 5 or 15-gallon Shroud Boot
SIP-6 6" Sump Inspection Port Sight Glass
SLPK Gasket and Sealant Kit for Shroud
205181 Lower Clamp for 5 Gallon Shroud
205183 Upper Clamp for 5 Gallon Shroud